“When making an imagined thing with ones hands, they become the midpoint in the relationship between mentality and physicality, the interaction taking place between the mind and the world. I feel a kind of thinking that happens in my fingertips. It seems to be coordinated with a pair of hands operating in my brain. These are informed less by the content of my thoughts than by the format of my thinking. The format becomes the content: I cultivate it; it cultivates itself; it cultivates me. The object emerges as if by its own volition, the product of many layers and facets of discourse with myself, both a presentation of this mental dialogue and a new participant in it, as well a new midpoint between me and the world. These conversations are having themselves everywhere and all the time. The question is, are they being heard? Thinking about thinking, questions about questions, ideas about ideas; observations of oneself, the world, the self in the world and the world reflected in the self: the expanding mental tangle may be a solitary strand closely wadded in the head, contacting and transacting with itself at innumerable and incalculable points along its length, though conducting its information in a single path, toward an opening, a void in space through which it might emerge. "Are you listening to the conversation you are having with yourself?" It's a question I sometimes ask myself or one that seems to ask itself.”