My work is an allegorical combination of philosophy, theology, history, geology and poetry. Metaphorically and visually it becomes a spatial dance from the microscopic realm to the macroscopic, in which a thread between physical and metaphysical, the quantum reality and the spiritual reality – weaves a tapestry of sacred geometry.

I am curious about the experience of reality. Sublime and euphoric when we find things properly placed, seemingly put there by the hand of the Divine Proportion. Literally about science, the under paintings of my work are Scientific American articles circa 1970-1999. In the foreground, geometric shapes representing the basic framework of reality are juxtaposed with figures signifying the human experience. The wooden frames echo the geometry I am illustrating, however, the plaster middle ground is as tactile and organic the folds of a woman’s dress.

The Plexiglas etchings are a nod to the natural world. The influence the sun has on the seasons and the brilliant work of Copernicus himself. By doing these pieces on Plexiglas and allowing the cast shadows to help create the images, I am honoring the influence of light through the medium. 

I approach my work with the notion that art is a vehicle, which delivers a message. It is a language through which ideas are communicated. I am simply the conduit between ideas and emotions and their tangible expression created through my work.  It is quantum physics and theories of our reality and hidden realities that move me into creation.