Jorge Lovato, woodcarver and oil painter, has lived in Bay St. Louis since the year 2000. There he set up Plaza Escalante Studio. He continued to develop his style of oil painting, woodcarving and creation of bronze sculptures.

Originally from Taos, New Mexico, he was influenced by artists from the Taos Art Soceity, Northern New Mexico wood carvers and Eva Lovato, his mother. Also a woodcarver. Oil painting is his favorite medium. Paintings are of a style he calls modern impressionist. Subjects are Gulf Coats scenes and cityscapes. Woodcarvings are also important. The carvings are small. Such as a herd of subjects range from Zebras, horses, vehicles, horses, vehicles Santos-Saint figures. Many of these are cast into bronze. His studies include a B.US from the UNiversity of New Mexico, The New Orleans Fine Arts Academy and the Arts Student's Leagure in New York City. His travels have also influenced his art. From the mountains of Northern New Mexico to Seattle, New Orleans, Orlando or New York City, Jorge has visited with artists, galleries and museums continuing his discourse and education.