Hébert's formal education consists of four years at The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, 1977-1980, followed by 6 years at the University Of New Orleans. Upon earning his Bachelor of The Arts degree in 1986, he re-located to Boston, MA (1987-1991). While the greater part of his time in Boston was spent working with painting, drawing and developing color photography, during Hébert’s final year in Boston he had the opportunity to study Figure Drawing with Patrice Sullivan, Art Instructor at Harvard University. Upon returning to New Orleans, Hébert formed a figure drawing group with other artists at Jana Napoli’s, the founder of YaYa, studio in the central business district, 1992-93.

Although his background is strongest in Photography and The History of Photography, his true artistic passion lies in drawing and painting. Hébert’s painting style has evolved from movements in Modern Art such as Fauvism, Abstract Expressionism, and German Expressionism and influenced by a wide array of artists including Egon Schiele, Alice Neel, Lucien Freud, Oscar Kokoschka and Edvard Munch among others.

Having awareness of the great works of Modern painting masters, Hébert has been successful at developing his own definitive style. Whereas his earlier works were allegorical in theme, more recent pieces illustrate his interest in representing and recording his actual surroundings and current life experiences.