I am a painter, muralist, and teacher based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Inspired by the integral energy within my surroundings, I work to portray visceral feelings evoked in people, places, and relationships that I encounter. My artistic process bears a close connection to my subject matter. The layering of energetic brushstrokes to generate an image and an identity fascinates me. Each stroke on the canvas is a small piece of the whole, thus bearing connection to both nature, at a cellular level, and the digital age. Pixels often serve as memories, creating a skewed glance at our world. In my work, I am delving into this conversation between past and present, traditional and contemporary, memory vs. reality. Cascading brushstrokes and forms reflect moments in flux, shifting perceptions, and evolving landscapes. Sometimes, through fragmenting images, I begin to disconnect my process, highlighting the pieces that make my subjects whole.