I’m Polish but grew up in Sweden. I studied traditional animation techniques at the Edinburgh College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland, and have a MFA from there. I have also worked as an illustrator for many years. I’m a comic artist and publish my own comic book, Toastycats, which is sold in bookshops and galleries throughout the US and Europe. I draw illustrations, animated films, comics and murals. My work is fanciful and rich in detail. There is always a story in my images and at heart I consider myself a visual storyteller. I love dreamlike imagery, natural patterns and creatures. I’m a member of the Community Printshop Collective. Galleries I’ve exhibited at include:

Hall-Barnett Gallery, New Orleans, LA
The Shop, New Orleans, LA
Big Medium, Austin, TX
Total Kunst, Edinburgh, UK
The Red Door Gallery, Edinburgh UK Format, Newcastle, UK,
Tigermen Den, Prospect 3, New Orleans, LA